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It’s that time of year again! Back to School Tips

Whether your little one is waiting by the door, satchel in hand, or determinedly gripping the bed while you’re trying to get them up, the back to school season is one of change! Here are some tips for settling them back into the swing of early mornings and busy days…

astro back to school
Astro Cat’s books and apps are perfect for recapping and growing some space knowledge! Image from Professor Astro Cat’s Activity Book, available from Flying Eye Books

Start the routines early

It’s a good idea to start waking up at a set time (even if it’s not as early as actual school days) and getting dressed and prepared right away. You could even do a couple of trial school runs. This is useful for back-to-school (or new school) anxiety, as kids can get to know their surroundings before the big day. See this article for more tips on dream routines!

Scrap up on skills

Revising a few basics before school starts up will boost confidence and help them get into structured learning again. Find a maths-based app, a cool science experiment to do at home, or just a really good book. We’re particular fans of ‘Hugo Makes A Change’ recently, in which a hungry vampire discovers healthy eating (even sweeter than it sounds!).

Always ask what they did in school

Once the term has begun, more subtle routines can be introduced. Simply asking how your child’s day went displays your love and interest in their experiences, while keeping them thinking about what they’ve learnt.

Homework plans

It can be hard to put kids straight back to work when they get home from school, but working on homework before dinner will ensure that the evening is stress-free. Try not to help too much – working independently will help them fully grasp what they’re doing. Here’s a great list of pointers to make after-school work a breeze.

Downtime and bedtime

After dinner, it’s time to chill out! Grab a great book and read together, steal a bit of time in front of the telly while they play games (check out our astronomy themed mini games), and put any worries aside. Switch all screens off an hour before bed, and get some well-earned rest.

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