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The Minilab logo has landed!


Our logo has landed!

We are Minilab, a brand new digital production company. We are based in Shoreditch, London, a stone’s throw from ‘silicon roundabout’. In our lab, we are developing creative and educational apps for children to explore, play and enjoy. Why mini? Well first and foremost, because we create for mini-people. Second, because for now, our lab is also rather mini. Just because we are mini and they are mini, we won’t shy away from tackling BIG ideas. But before we can tell you about those, we must first tell you through our logo a bit about who we are.



We use our logo to reflect two important values that we hold at Minilab. To form the ‘M’ we have two speech bubbles colliding to symbolise collaboration and experimentation. We want to encourage the curiosity and creativity of children. With our apps, we allow them to explore and discover in a playful environment. We vow to make learning and fun indistinguishable.

Follow @MinilabStudios on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as we prepare to tell you more about what we’re up to!

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