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Astro Cat Explains… Meteor Showers

There are two well-known meteor showers visible in the sky from late July until mid-August. But what makes these tiny rocks light up our night skies every year? The Prof is on hand to explain all, and it starts with asteroids and comets… Asteroids Asteroids can be found anywhere in the solar system, but you’ll […] Read More

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Keeping Brains Busy in Summer!

Over summer it can be easy for kids to just switch off and not want to do anything ‘educational’ (a word they may instantly recoil at hearing!)  – so what can you do to keep their minds active without them feeling like they’re back at school? We’ve got a few ideas for little scientists… Museums […] Read More

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4 Activities Inspired by Professor Astro Cat

This weekend, why not explore the planets and discover how different in size they are? Or even create your very own planet? It’s not as ambitious as it sounds – Professor Astro Cat says so! Here are some simple but exciting science experiments you can do with a quick food shop, a calculator, a cardboard box, […] Read More

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Astro Cat’s Excellent Astro Events of 2017!

Good day, intrepid explorers of the solar system and beyond! Welcome to my quick round up of the astronomical events that should be noted down in any stargazer’s diary for the next year. 2016 saw gloomy skies and full moons blocking out some of its most spectacular displays, but not to worry – 2017 has […] Read More

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Professor Astro Cat Explains… Eclipses

To us, the Sun and Moon look the same size, but actually they are completely different. The Sun is much, much bigger than the Moon and even much bigger than the Earth, but because it is so far away, it looks much smaller. Sometimes, the orbits line up and the Moon floats in between the […] Read More

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Space Facts to Wow Your Friends!

Professor Astro Cat is the smartest cat in the alley, with a degree in just about anything under the sun, so who better to tell you all about the stars, planets, the solar system, galaxy and the Universe. If this whets your appetite, take yourself right to the frontiers of space in his book or […] Read More

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Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System Review Round-Up! #1

Our clever cat has been jet-packing around the internet, winning over the minds of space explorers, teaching them about the wonders of the Universe. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a selection of kind words and reviews from fresh graduates of the Astro Cat Space Programme: Educational App Store ‘Professor Astro Cat’s […] Read More

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