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Easy ways to get kids excited about STEM

They’re the subjects of the future: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Our kids are growing up in a rapidly changing world – and an exciting one too. So, you’ve got a little one interested in science – how best to nurture that? We aim to provide the edtech to help, plus some more ideas below… Experiment […] Read More

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What do Art and Science Have in Common?

You’ve probably seen the abbreviation ‘STEM’ floating around (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). But those subjects don’t leave room for creativity, right? Well, more recently people have been combining the two and talking about ‘STEAM’: ‘A’ meaning ‘Arts’! It might seem odd to pair logic with creativity…but we’re committed to combining the two here at Minilab. Having diverse interests can be […] Read More

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Space Facts to Wow Your Friends!

Professor Astro Cat is the smartest cat in the alley, with a degree in just about anything under the sun, so who better to tell you all about the stars, planets, the solar system, galaxy and the Universe. If this whets your appetite, take yourself right to the frontiers of space in his book or […] Read More

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Answering Kids’ Tricky Science Questions

If you’ve been challenged by your kid to answer a tricky science question and didn’t know the answer, don’t worry, you are not alone! A recent study by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) found that 83% of UK mums and dads have been unable to answer questions from their kids about science, technology, […] Read More

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Professor Astro Cat is on Social Media!

Our resident brainbox, Professor Astro Cat is on Twitter and Instagram for your daily dose of scientific fact! Professor Astro Cat is the smartest cat in the alley. He’ll take you to the frontiers of space and beyond. Learn all about the Moon on Mondays, find out our science word of the week on Wednesday […] Read More

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The Book! Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space

Professor Astro Cat first appeared in late 2013 in the highly acclaimed book, Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space, published by Flying Eye Books and created by illustrator Ben Newman and quantum physicist Dr Dominic Walliman. Professor Astro Cat is the smartest cat in the alley- so much so that he has a degree in […] Read More

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Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Launch into space with Professor Astro Cat on an interstellar journey of discovery and play, exploring the entirety of our universe all from the tip of your finger! Sign up to the Astro Cat Space Programme and join Professor Astro Cat and his sidekick Astro Mouse on a fact-filled mission to learn all about our […] Read More

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