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Get Creative with Artie’s Magic Pencil Activity Sheets!

Make your own Artie creations! If you’ve enjoyed drawing objects and rebuilding Artie’s world on-screen in our dot to dot app Artie’s Magic Pencil, then try designing your own with a pencil and paper! Artie’s Magic Pencil was created in-house at our East London Studio and co-designed by our Creative Director, James Wilson and illustrator […] Read More

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Let the Games Begin!🏅

Rio 2016 has begun, and olympic fever is spreading fast! So why not get involved and get your children interested too? It’s a good chance to get active and improve your child’s development. The olympics teach many qualities such as: ecology, diversity, teamwork, culture, respect and much more. Here at Minilab we have created some fun […] Read More

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Space Facts to Wow Your Friends!

Professor Astro Cat is the smartest cat in the alley, with a degree in just about anything under the sun, so who better to tell you all about the stars, planets, the solar system, galaxy and the Universe. If this whets your appetite, take yourself right to the frontiers of space in his book or […] Read More

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Explore the Icy Antarctic with a Penguin Chick!

There are lots of great things about sharing an office space with our sister companies Nobrow and Flying Eye Books, but perhaps the most exciting is that we get to have a first sneak peek at their hottest, or in this case coolest new releases! We’ve been excited about this one for a long time […] Read More

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AAP ‘Screen Time’ Guidelines

We’ve talked about how we want to make your kids’ ‘screen time’ matter, but we at Minilab understand that the issue is still a big worry for parents. As these new technologies have entered ours and our children’s lives, advisors are having to adapt their policies to keep up. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) […] Read More

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Minilab on HuffPost Live!

Huge thanks to HuffPost Live for having us over to talk about how we at Minilab are going to make kids’ screen time matter, through fun and educational apps! Watch our HuffPost Live interview to find out more about what’s coming next from the Minilab Studios, more about Professor Astro Cat and how we want to make […] Read More

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Making Screen Time Matter!

We develop creative and educational apps for children. At Minilab, our principal charge is to try to answer the question that many parents and educators have been asking themselves over the last few years as mobile devices have rapidly transformed our world: How can we make screen time matter? How do we remove the stigma attached to the […] Read More

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