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Get Creative with Artie’s Magic Pencil Activity Sheets!

Make your own Artie creations! If you’ve enjoyed drawing objects and rebuilding Artie’s world on-screen in our dot to dot app Artie’s Magic Pencil, then try designing your own with a pencil and paper! Artie’s Magic Pencil was created in-house at our East London Studio and co-designed by our Creative Director, James Wilson and illustrator […] Read More

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Let the Games Begin!🏅

Rio 2016 has begun, and olympic fever is spreading fast! So why not get involved and get your children interested too? It’s a good chance to get active and improve your child’s development. The olympics teach many qualities such as: ecology, diversity, teamwork, culture, respect and much more. Here at Minilab we have created some fun […] Read More

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Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System Version 1.2!

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System version 1.2 is here! We’ve made a few little tweaks to make the app run smoother on all devices but the big news is that we’ve added loads of new questions to the jetpack challenge! Can your kid beat the timer and earn your Astro Cat Space Programme medals without […] Read More

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Explore the Icy Antarctic with a Penguin Chick!

There are lots of great things about sharing an office space with our sister companies Nobrow and Flying Eye Books, but perhaps the most exciting is that we get to have a first sneak peek at their hottest, or in this case coolest new releases! We’ve been excited about this one for a long time […] Read More

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Minilab Loves- Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)

‘It’s not always easy being a tough guy’ begins Keith Negley’s ‘Tough Guys Have Feelings Too’, alongside a striking image of a big, tough-looking wrestler, who’s clearly upset in the locker room. Maybe he’s just lost a fight? Or he’s scared to face his opponent? Immediately, the book opens up a conversation between parent and […] Read More

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What is Minilab?

Minilab is a creative production company based in London that makes beautiful digital content for children to explore, play and enjoy. We vow to deliver the most beautiful digital experiences in storytelling, learning and gaming that children can get their hands on. We work with teams of talented animators and developers, expert academics and the best […] Read More

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Meet Flying Eye Books, our sister company.

Our sister company Flying Eye Books is the children’s imprint of award-winning book publishers Nobrow. Established in early 2013, Flying Eye Books sought to retain the same attention to detail in design and excellence in illustrated content as its parent publisher, but with a focus on the craft of children’s storytelling and non-fiction. Since then, an array of stunning […] Read More

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