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Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System Review Round-Up! #1


Our clever cat has been jet-packing around the internet, winning over the minds of space explorers, teaching them about the wonders of the Universe. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a selection of kind words and reviews from fresh graduates of the Astro Cat Space Programme:

Educational App Store

‘Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is a really good app, the sort of application that through the gamification process can really pack a lot of information into a young mind in an enjoyable and engaging way.’

Good App Guide

‘We were amazed by the depth of knowledge that the app went into and the subsequent facts that our testers learnt. The visual elements were brilliant; we particularly liked the way in which you could look at the whole solar system and zoom in and out.’

Mental Floss

‘For those young uber-nerds who can’t wait to spout off about the chromosphere, it’s a whimsical, interactive textbook to the stars.’

Geeks with Juniors

‘If your kids love astronomy, they’d love facts-heavy apps like Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System. No matter how many other astronomy apps for kids out there that have offered their approach to understanding our solar system, there’s always room for one more.’


‘This is one app you shouldn’t feel guilty about letting your little one play, both fun and framed with facts it will hopefully keep them entertained for hours.’

Wands and Worlds

‘This is a fun and interesting app, and while it’s targeted to elementary age children, I learned some things from it!’


‘Taking students on field trips around the solar system might not be an option at your school.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System app for iPads’

Dads and Design

‘They are on a mission to “make the most beautiful, engaging, digital products that children can get their hands on” and they’ve made a great start!’

The Huffington Post

‘Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is the educational app kids will actually want!

Why wait any longer?  Download Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System now and discover the marvels it holds for yourself! If you’ve enjoyed playing, please do leave us a review on the app store, Professor Astro Cat would love to know what you’ve learnt!


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