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Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System Review Round-Up #2!

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Professor Astro Cat has been jet-packing his way around the internet, teaching children (and grown-ups) all about the wonders of the Universe. Here’s a round-up of some of the lovely things Astro-fans have said about our app Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System:

Little London Magazine
‘Our new favourite is science app ‘Professor Astro Cat’, which introduces your child to the wonders of the universe combining fun and fact learning through animation, mini games and challenges.’

BBC Science Focus
App of the Week: ‘In this fun-filled app, explore our solar neighbourhood, learn about the planets and the moons, and then use your new-found knowledge to fire up Prof Astro Cat’s jetpack. Claw-some!’

Cybils Awards
Nominated for Best Book App ‘The app is gorgeously illustrated, a real pleasure to look at. It’s beautifully designed too.’

Bambino Goodies
‘The graphics are retro cool and its jam-packed with galactic facts – I learned loads playing with Alf. Perfect for any mini Tim Peake fan.’

‘The game is packed with a volume of information that’s seemingly as infinite as the universe itself. It’s so fun, kids don’t even realize they’re being educated. Mission accomplished.’

Digital Storytime
‘This would be an excellent classroom app, chock full of useful non-fiction content but packaged in such a novel and engaging way that children will not mind that they are learning a lot along the way.’

The Horn Book

‘Professor Astro Cat is “a great book to nurture interest in and wonder at the infinite possibilities of space.” If anything, this engaging app adaptation only enhances the considerable merits of the print book.’

Book Lover Jo

‘The girls enjoyed testing out their knowledge through the jetpack challenge to see how much they had learned and they are rewarded  with medals which allow them to build a spaceship. They were both absorbing the facts and enjoying the game, completely unaware of all the new information they were learning.’

Geeks with Juniors

‘Best Astronomy App 2015 ‘A quirky, interactive app that lets kids explore the solar system. It includes many educational facts presented as easy-to-remember diagrams or interactive content’

If that’s convinced you to go on your own adventure into space with Professor Astro Cat, download the app from the App Store now. Once you’ve had a go, we’d love to know what you enjoyed so please do leave us a review of your own in the App Store!

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