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Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System Version 2.0 has landed!

Astro Cat + Astro Mouse Version 2.0

Did you know there’s a total solar eclipse happening 9th March? And do you know why they happen? Now you can find out all about them in the latest version of our app!

As well as jetpacking around the Universe, Professor Astro Cat has been travelling around the world, learning new languages. Now he can tell you all about das Sonnensystem, el Sol, la Lune, le stelle & planeta  in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian for little space explorers all across our planet Earth.

We have also added a special area for parents, behind an age-restricted gate, with a little bit more about them, the app and some Astro Cat off-screen activities to enjoy in the real world.

Download it now to discover it for yourself!

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