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📢 Our BIG secret: a new mobile gaming brand! 📢

Mobile game fans, we’ve go something to confess. We’ve been keeping some news under wraps for months, and it’s finally time to let you in on the secret. You heard it here first… BIGUMAKU.


BIGUMAKU logo Minilab announcement


What’s BIGUMAKU? It’s a whole new adventure for our team here in the studio. In short, BIGUMAKU makes mobile games with leading-edge art for the kid in all of us (but this time, they’re not just for kids!).

Having been situated in the children’s app market for a couple of years, we’ve learned a lot about the wider gaming market too. And boy, is there a lot of gaming goodness out there – we were keen to join in! The first app by BIGUMAKU is on a new level of sophistication and awesome-ness, with added user creativity that we can’t wait to share with you all.

Here’s a sneak peek of the first app’s icon – can you guess what it might be about?

Head over to to subscribe to the newsletter and get updates as the first game launches, and to meet the team and learn more about our new brand. You can also follow @BIGUMAKU on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Do spread the news around! Thank you for your ongoing support – it means the world to our growing team.


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