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🌳 Nature Month 🌲: Earth Day and more!

Another week is over, and we’re already a week into April! This month’s theme on the blog is nature and the world around us (with the help of Artie, of course). So, what are we doing to celebrate nature month?

Artie Nature Month

Revisiting our favourite artistic hero…

Can you believe that kids all over the world have been drawing animals with Artie for over a year? We can’t! After the release of Artie’s Magic Pencil, we soon learned that the most popular things to draw were the animals. We began the Artie’s World project knowing we wanted it to be an expanding animal world – and expanded it has. There are now 6 zones total available on the App Store, taking little explorers everywhere from a farm to the depths of the oceans. The app encourages concentration and fine motor skills while allowing little ones to draw and observe all kinds of creatures in their natural habitat.

Can tech encourage real-world responses?

So, how does an app (or any tech for that matter) spark actions for the environment in the real world? Children absorb information in many ways, which gives us grownups lots of ways to teach them. The easiest way to get started is to let them monitor energy usage with you – an energy monitor is the best basic tech to help kids understand how electricity works and how to keep a house environmentally (and financially) healthy. Download nature-based apps like Artie’s World, make use of computer-based encyclopaedias and atlases, and get hold of a basic telescope or night sky app to learn about the wider universe we’re part of. We’ll be offering more suggestions later this month, so don’t forget to check out our blog as April rolls by.

A surprise for little explorers everywhere…

One of the regions of our planet most affected by climate change is of course the Arctic. With sea ice shrinking year on year, changes to the habitat and wildlife seem inevitable. But we can help! By protecting the animals that live there with conservation and breeding programmes, and trying to slow larger scale climate change through small actions, there might just be a way to save or at least partly preserve this beautiful area. So, we’re going to be celebrating the wonders of the Arctic with a very special offer this month… keep an eye on our social channels to find out what it is!

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