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Minilab’s Big Weekend at Broadway Cinema! 📚📱✏️

This autumn is proving a busy season for us here at Minilab! Between updating Artie’s World with 2 new map packs, and working on some exciting new projects, we’re travelling around the UK with our apps. On the 27th-28th October, we started our event season with something very special: our first takeover! We had free reign over the Broadway Cinema gallery space for 2 days of playing games, and applying new skills and ideas to crafts in the real world…

Minilab Studios Takeover at Broadway Cinema

Creativity and Science – United by Apps!

Across the Friday and Saturday, we welcomed over 100 kids of ages 3-11 to try out our apps. Whether they were budding artists or keen scientists, there was plenty to do. It was great to see them chatting and giggling as they progressed through the drawings in Artie’s Magic Pencil and tracked down that troublesome monster (competitiveness ensued!). A queue grew for playing Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System on the Apple TV. As always, there was one who had to stay until he’d earned all of the medals possible!

Real World Applications…

In addition to the apps, we brought along some of our favourite Flying Eye Books titles (including, of course, the Astro Cat collection!). And to boost off-screen learning, we set a crafting challenge! We lined our crafting table with multicoloured shapes and all the tools the children would need to create not only their own Arties, but friends, animals, and aliens too. There was barely space left on the wall by the time they were done!

Super Stop Motion!

Thanks to our fantastic event organisers, Near Now, we weren’t alone in our crafting mission. Just next door in Broadway’s studio space, kids could use felt to create their very own Astro Cat badge. Wear with pride, explorers! And thanks to Trevor Woolery (@trevorwoolery on Twitter and Instagram), we had a fantastic stop motion animation workshop too. From the giraffes of Artie’s World taking a bite from a tree (only to have it take a bite back), to pizza fish, many unique stories were told.

Of course, we couldn’t resist giving the stop motion workshop a go ourselves – so here’s the Professor himself in 6 frames of intergalactic glory…

We’d like to thank Broadway Cinema, Near Now, and all of the volunteers who helped make the Minilab takeover a success. Thank you also to all of you who came along – let us know which part was your favourite @minilabstudios on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Now, time to get ready for Pop Up Lab and South Ken Kids Festival, both coming soon…


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