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Minilab goes to ELCAF 2017!

Last weekend, we made our way over to the Round Chapel in Hackney, for ELCAF 2017. The East London Comics and Arts Festival was founded in 2012 by our sister company Nobrow, and welcomes creatives from East London and beyond. This year we were excited to present another great guest for an insight into the animation industry. We welcomed Director Antoine Perez and Art Director Yann Benedi from Cartoon Network, to talk about the Amazing World of Gumball!

Minilab ELCAF 2017


The Festival

Walking into the Round Chapel on the blazingly sunny Saturday 17th, visitors were instantly bombarded with colour. From eye-catching riso prints to the hundreds of books on display, any art-lover could have lost hours delving into the artwork and talking with any of the talented illustrators. We sneaked up to the balcony for a candid shot of the main exhibition space (and a quick sit down to take it all in!). There were also marquees outside the chapel, where more talks and awesomely creative workshops ran throughout the day (including a DIY ‘toy hacking’ workshop from Exploring Senses). To see the full list of exhibitors from this year’s festival, click here.

ELCAF 2017 Nobrow table
Just some of the stunning picture books on offer from the Nobrow and Flying Eye Books stall.


The talk: Minilab Presents Gumball!

Once again, we were given the opportunity to curate a portion of the talks available. Our choice this year was  ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’. Antoine Perez and Yann Benedi captivated and entertained us with every step of their process. We had the chance to see a sequence of original storyboards, witness voice actors in action, and marvel at the lengths they’ve gone to in order to capture the perfect background (hint: in the episode ‘The Origins: Part Two’ it involves wetsuits and a chilly British sea!). The team are particularly concerned with balancing styles, from pixel art to stuffed animals all in the space of one sequence.

‘We’re constantly on the lookout for a solution’ – Antoine Perez, on the incredibly varied styles of Gumball.

After getting more than our daily dose of inspiration from the Cartoon Network team, we went back to explore the stalls in depth. From indie comics to established publishers, there was a comic/print/badge/clay character for everyone!

Centre: Gumball’s house in the fictional town of Elmore. This setting is actually a photograph, with plenty of editing to give it a more colourful and ‘cartoonish’ appearance.

A huge thank you to our speakers and everyone who attended. And of course, a big thanks to the ELCAF team. Until next year!

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