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Making Screen Time Matter!


We develop creative and educational apps for children. At Minilab, our principal charge is to try to answer the question that many parents and educators have been asking themselves over the last few years as mobile devices have rapidly transformed our world:

How can we make screen time matter?

How do we remove the stigma attached to the use of devices by children for learning and creativity? The children of today are drawn to this technology, so how do we ensure that screen time is valuable as opposed to a distraction?
In spite of the prevalence of mobile devices and tablets in homes, their uptake in classrooms is still piecemeal worldwide, especially when one considers strong evidence that they can improve academic performance, increase engagement and motivation and provide flexible platforms that encourage lateral thinking and creativity.

We saw a gap for more rich, beautifully designed applications that immerse children into their own learning experiences, to equally be explored in traditional and educational contexts, and enjoyed at home. But ‘enjoy’ is the operative word here; how do we make subjects light, energetic, playful, and engaging so that learning and fun become synonymous?

Minilab seeks to answer this question with a suite of products that engage children with everything from the natural world, to literature, design and art, astrophysics, engineering and maths. All of this delivered with graphics created by award-winning illustrators, expert sound and game design and the invaluable expertise and consultation of educational specialists, academics and most importantly children.


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