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Let’s Explore with Artie’s World!


It’s here! Minilab Studios is proud to present our latest app for kids,
Artie’s World

Download on the App Store here.



One of Minilab’s fundamental goals is to inspire mini artists to get creating, within our apps and out in the real world. That’s why Artie is back for more drawing adventures, but this time with a whole world of themed locations to explore. We took the dot-to-dot drawing mechanic from Artie’s Magic Pencil and began an expedition into the big wide world with our artistic hero…

The first of Artie’s great global adventures takes place in his very own village, in a free-to-play stage. Kids can learn to draw funny and colourful toys, including a doll and a dinosaur, to give to the villagers – learning the joy of giving just in time for the festive season! This part of the app will always be free to play, with seasonal updates. Everything your child will draw in Artie’s World is enriched by funny animations, high quality audio and a written name label telling your child what he or she has drawn.

Artie's Village

But the fun doesn’t stop there, for waiting at the end of Artie’s Village is a hot air balloon, ready to begin exploring a growing world outside… When we approached the idea of a larger platform, we were inspired by the same thoughts we’d had when creating Artie’s Magic Pencil. Our roots in sister companies Nobrow and Flying Eye Books have given us an ingrained desire to nurture the creativity of the next generation of artists, both on screen and in the real world. So, Artie’s World is designed to provide a growing list of drawings that kids can use to learn about shapes and composition.


However, some key feedback from mini test-players revealed something else – they wanted more animals to draw! We loved the idea of bringing more unusual and interesting creatures to life through drawing simple shapes, so we decided to include our first in-app purchase…the Arctic Adventure. This instalment is crammed full of Arctic animal favourites, such as a polar bear, orca, and reindeer, with 15 things to draw in total. Your child will find out about animal names, behaviour and habitat while enjoying bright and beautiful artwork.

Arctic World

This fun, educational experience is perfect for kids aged 3 to 6 and will introduce beautifully illustrated locations all over the world, with new instalments coming up in the future (some of which you can already take a guess at, by twirling the globe on the Artie’s World home page!).

Gameplay overview:

  • Find a location on the globe
  • Navigate Artie around the maps
  • Meet cute characters along the way
  • Tap the lightbulb when he has an idea
  • Connect the dots and watch your creations spring to life!
  • Learn the names of the things you’ve just drawn
  • Replay as many times as you like!


Artie’s World is the fourth app in our growing library, and we can’t wait to hear what you and your children think. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We hope you enjoy exploring the globe with us!


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