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Let the Games Begin!🏅

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Rio 2016 has begun, and olympic fever is spreading fast! So why not get involved and get your children interested too? It’s a good chance to get active and improve your child’s development. The olympics teach many qualities such as: ecology, diversity, teamwork, culture, respect and much more. Here at Minilab we have created some fun ideas that the whole family can enjoy!

Quiz time

Improve your knowledge and gain a great insight by learning all about this year’s hosts, their culture and the qualities that the games promote. Visit this website as a starting point. Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful place, it has a lot of attractions to see from Christ the Redeemer to Copacabana beach, we’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do! Once you have done some research try quizzing each other and see how many you get correct.

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What kind of athlete would you be?

Imagine that you are a world class athlete about to travel to Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games. Make a poster including the following to create your own Olympic story:
• What is your olympic sport and why?
• Which country do you represent?
• What equipment do you use?
• Draw and design your own item of equipment (e.g. sword, bike, gloves, bow and arrows, ball)
• Do you hope to win a medal?

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Create and play your own Olympic Games

Host your very own olympics! Set a time and date then invite all of your friends to take part. Follow our suggested timetable and personalise it to suit your children.Opening Ceremony – Get the kids to be creative and crafty by making fun decorations such as hats, flags, posters and even your own olympic torch! Get them to choose their favourite toy or teddy and turn it into a mascot by dressing it up, as every olympics and team has mascots to support them. Check out Rio’s mascots here. Play some funky marching music and throw a mini parade to display their creations.

Indoor Games –

• Hula hoop, Obstacle course, Discus (using paper plates), simple gymnastic displays, paper plane folding/flying.

Outdoor Games –

• Beanbag throwing, basketball, running races (sprints, distant races, three legged race, egg and spoon, sack races and relay races) Obstacle course, football, discus using frisbees, high and long jump, gymnastics, cycling, swimming races (if you’re lucky enough to have access).

Closing Ceremony – Time to award the medals and celebrate the children’s achievements! It’s all about the participation, not winning or losing. Appreciate and praise the good qualities shown by your kids and teach them the importance of sportsmanship. Have fun and create your own medals prior or use something else in the place of a medal. Make sure that everyone receives a reward for their effort. Then play an upbeat, celebratory song and watch the children parade around proudly with their awards.

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