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Keeping Brains Busy in Summer!

Over summer it can be easy for kids to just switch off and not want to do anything ‘educational’ (a word they may instantly recoil at hearing!)  – so what can you do to keep their minds active without them feeling like they’re back at school? We’ve got a few ideas for little scientists…


Plenty of museums offer free entry to kids, and sometimes adults too. A science or natural history exhibition will be packed with things to see, hear, and touch to learn more about the world around us. Take along a notebook for sketching and taking notes of fun facts. Where allowed, take rubbings of things you see – rubbings from trees and buildings can be used to make textured collages when you’re back home. Ask the kids to teach you all about their favourite parts afterwards too – they get to play teacher, and you get to marvel at how much they remember!

Go bug hunting!

Okay, it doesn’t have to be bugs specifically, if the thought makes your skin crawl! You could also try fossil hunting on a local beach, or finding wildflowers to draw (or pick where allowed). The key point is to get outside and benefit from the fresh air, while collecting things and documenting them. Organise them into groups, and of course if it is live creatures you’re catching, don’t forget to put them back where you found them! Collecting and organising keeps the brain busy with decision-making and other useful skills.

Learn about the natural world with a zoo or aquarium

What better way to fit in lots of learning than somewhere that has the natural world all in one place? Try for a safari park with lots of space and a drive through experience, to get up close to the animals and see them behaving more like they would in the wild. Don’t forget to revise the kids’ knowledge and learn how to draw the animals you see with our dot to dot drawing app, Artie’s World.


Keep your brain ticking with Galactic Genius!

Galactic Genius with Astro Cat coming soon
Galactic Genius with Astro Cat is now available on the App Store, and is coming to Android soon!


Finally, when used in the right way screen time can be very beneficial. Educational apps allow kids to feel switched off, while they actually practice useful skills. Our latest app, Galactic Genius with Astro Cat, puts four key skills to the test. Memory, concentration, reaction time, and logic are all exercised across 6 mini games. Plus, when your child ascends to the next rank, they’ll earn stickers packed with cool space facts to boost learning even further!

If you have a little astronomer at home, don’t forget to check out the summer meteor showers (July 27/28, August 12/13)! And while the kids are waiting for the stars to come out, let them explore their creativity too with our activity sheets…

Here are some Professor Astro Cat activity sheets to download and complete!

The logic game ‘When Planets Align’ is perfect for pre-stargazing screen time!

Have a great summer everyone! And keep an eye on our social channels when you’re not digital detox-ing, because we’ve got plenty more projects in the works…

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