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Introducing TotemUp!

Minilab Studios is proud to present our latest venture into making screen time matter for kids: TotemUp!

Available on the iOS App Store now!


TotemUp is a simple, fun and easy digital toy for young builders. Kids can build their own totem tower with strange and funny creatures, before knocking it down to play it all over again! Start by selecting an egg, hatching it, and then designing it using colours, patterns and textures. Then, add more blocks of every shape and size. When the stack is complete, children can play with it by touching the blocks and shaking their device, and take photos of their creation! Finally, simply explode the stack and watch the crazy features tumble and roll!


TotemUp lets your child explore numbers from 1 to 10 in a relaxed and enjoyable way, helping kids 2 to 5 begin coming to terms with math concepts like numbers and addition. Here at Minilab we want to celebrate the benefits of screen time, and with TotemUp we’re aiming for those who are just picking up touch screen understanding. With wacky noises and funny animations, TotemUp keeps screen time fresh and unique as well as educational, every time. Who ever said a cat can’t have rocket boosters, or a bird tentacles? We can’t wait to see which combinations make the craziest creatures!


Key features:

-Combine different faces, outlines, colours, patterns and arms to make unique TotemUp creature blocks.
-Build over 200.000 different creatures.
-Save pictures of your favourite TotemUp towers.
-Familiarise children with pre-school math concepts.
-See the local time of day reflected in the colours of the sky.
-Ideal for kids 2 to 5.
-No goals or objectives, simply an endless digital toy experience!
-No in-app purchase, No third-party advertising, No social media.


There’s plenty to expect from TotemUp in the coming months, too.  Firstly, TotemUp will be released for Android very soon! And as with Artie and Astro Cat, we have produced even more of our popular worksheets to cut, colour and create your own unique totem towers with! Simply open the Parents area from the TotemUp app, and tap the ‘blog’ image to discover the latest worksheets. We believe that tying screen time into real-world activities can help to cement new skills and learning. So, if you discover a little Picasso in the making, feel free to email their masterpieces over to [email protected], or tweet us @minilabstudios.

Download TotemUp from the Apple App Store now!

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