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Interview: Sound Design with Lloyd Evans

It takes a range of people and skills to create our apps – from research to artwork and development, every step is essential to making beautiful content for kids! We caught up with one integral contributor to the team, Lloyd Evans, to learn more about what goes into creating the music and sound effects for our apps…

In the spirit of all things ‘mini’, describe yourself in one sentence!

I love sound, music, animation, and computers.

And how did you arrive at where you are today? What has been your career path to Minilab?

I started out playing keyboard and guitar at school. I went on to do Music Performance and Music Technology courses at college, and then a Creative Music Technology degree. I’ve always been a keen gamer so I decided to try and get into doing sound for games and apps. I first worked with Minilab doing sound on the awesome “Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System” app.

Back to the present, tell us about your role in the Minilab process. 

At Minilab I create sound and music and give guidance on its implementation for the apps.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including games, film, TV, and music in general. The first ever game console I got was a Nintendo 64. Some of the sound in games like Mario 64, Zelda, and Banjo Kazooie is a big inspiration for me. I like to think about how sounds can be cued by the player to create nice environments and compliment or even help form the soundtrack.

What’s your typical ‘day at the office’ like?

My typical day will involve working at a computer, recording some sounds, tapping some notes on a keyboard or noodling some ideas on guitar.

What’s your favourite part of the job, and what do you think makes Minilab unique?

At Minilab it’s great creating the sound accompaniments for the unique worlds. The animation and art styles are always amazing, and the projects always present lots of opportunities to add some great sounds.

And if you could only play one game forever, which would it be and why?

That’s a tough choice, but one game that springs to mind would be Mario Kart DS. It’s infinitely replayable and has a soundtrack I could never get tired of!

What’s the most exciting thing, or greatest achievement your career has brought you to?

It is really exciting to think that people could enjoy the games I help to craft, and have the same kind of experience and attachment that I had with games from my childhood.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone looking to break into your specific sector of the creative/app industry?

I’d say be excited about all the opportunities technology gives us to make and share work. I got my first job with some project examples I did for fun, so keep creating things you like and showing them to the world and you will progress.

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