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Happy Earth Day from Minilab Studios!

Earth day Header

Today is Earth Day, an important day to take a moment to think about the big blue and green ball of rock we call our home in the Universe. All life that has ever been discovered has been found on this one planet. A huge variety of different plants and animals are able to thrive here as the conditions are just right. Like Goldilocks’ porridge, on Earth it is neither too hot nor too cold because it is at just the right distance from the Sun.

Earth Goldilocks

All around the Earth is a layer of air called the atmosphere, that protects us from space. It also protects us from the Sun’s rays that can damage our skin and eyes. But, we have to be careful about what we put into the atmosphere. Over the last few years, gases released from power plants, cars and deforestation have made the atmosphere thicker. The atmosphere is like a warm blanket around the Earth and as this gets thicker, our planet heats up. This global warming melts our ice caps, leading to rising sea levels, affecting us and all life on Earth.

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