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Happy Earth Day from Artie!

We’re incorporating as many unusual and interesting environments and animals as possible into our latest app, Artie’s World. So, we thought looking at the worlds our artistic hero has visited so far would be a fitting way to celebrate Earth Day.

Artie's World Globe for Earth Day

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22nd, 1970 – so the movement is almost 50 years old! It’s the perfect day to get the kids thinking about the wonderful sphere of rocks and water we call home. If you want to learn about the science of our planet and its atmosphere, check out last year’s blog post featuring Professor Astro Cat, our resident feline scientist.

However, Artie’s adventures are all about creativity. We want to light the spark of imagination for kids aged 3-6 with an app that allows them to draw over 50 animals and objects (and counting!) while exploring different habitats. Here are 3 of the maps so far – why not tie in the message of Earth Day while playing, and ask the kids how they think we can take care of each habitat?

The Arctic Adventure was our first map pack instalment, when we brought together cold-climate animals from a musk ox to a narwhal, all while Artie searched for a mischievous, missing husky.

We can protect the Arctic by reducing fossil fuel emissions, which thicken the atmosphere and lead to melting ice.

The Jungle Journey was one of the two maps released in February this year, and took Artie to far more tropical climes…

We can protect the rainforests by reducing deforestation. Earth needs plenty of trees to absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen, keeping the air clean.

Finally, Farm Friends took Artie to a cheery countryside farm, where pigs, sheep and goats awaited!

Artie's World Farm Friends Map
We can take care of the countryside by not littering, and recycling as many plastics as possible.

It may be a cliché – but kids are the future! If we could make every day Earth Day for them, the planet would be an even better home for humanity and all of our animal companions. If you’d like to use Artie’s World to help your kids learn about the world around them, you can find it here.

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