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✏️ Creative Ways to Keep the Kids Busy this Summer! ☀️

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Here at Minilab Studios we understand that the summer holidays can be a stressful time and the last thing you want is bored and irritable children! We’ve come up with some ideas for you to keep your kids’ summer holidays entertaining and creative!

1) Create!

There are plenty of arts and crafts ideas to make with your children, especially when it is a rainy day. From collages to printmaking, the activities are endless. Try a summer related theme or one of your child’s interests as a starting point. Also look out for local arts and crafts days that often take place over summer for your children to attend.

Visit this website for a whole range of fantastic crafts ideas!

Summer Holidays - Paint

2) Visit a Gallery or Museum

Galleries are a great way to improve your knowledge and inspire your mind as well as your kids. We’re based in London and this summer we’re big fans of the Tate Modern and the great exhibitions always on show. Check online to find galleries local to you and to discover what’s on to go and see. We wonder what masterpieces your little artists will be inspired to create?

Museums contain lots of wonderful collections and facts to educate and keep your kids busy. Explore history and works of art whilst completing activity sheets and games for extra fun! We’ll be heading to London’s Natural History Museum, to catch a glimpse at Dippy the dinosaur before his new adventure: a tour of the UK! Meet Dippy and the gang now and discover all about dinosaurs.

Be sure to check out your local museums & galleries online for all their exhibition listings.

3) Reading

Whether it’s their favourite books or a whole new genre, reading is an awesome way to entertain and keep their imaginations running wild over the summer holidays. Our sister company Flying Eye Books publish some fantastic books – take a look, you won’t be disappointed! Our favourite at the moment is Marcel, all about an adorable young pup living in New York. Poor Marcel is a little upset when someone comes between him and his human, but he soon learns that accepting change can be a great and exciting thing. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with him too.


Could your child make their own book? Encourage them to write a story, design the cover and illustrations and then help them put it altogether.

4) Go to the Seaside

The school holidays are the perfect time to visit the beach and feel the sand between your toes! As well as burying each other in a hole in the sand and eating ice cream, why don’t you see how many things your child can build using the sand and sea? Use different play tools and containers to create a range of shapes and sizes, from sandcastles to all sorts of creations. The week of the 21st August is set to be the most sunny and hottest time of summer so get your bucket and spades ready! We’ve got our eyes on the weather forecasts and will be straight to the coasts as soon as the rain stops and the temperatures rise!

5) Play Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

The Perseid Meteor Shower – the most spectacular celestial event of the year has arrived and for us in the UK, the peak time to witness one of the biggest meteor showers is between Thursday 11th and Saturday 13th August. So be ready to get your stargazing on and watch as it lights up the night skies of Britain next week. Find out more here.

Summer Holidays- Astro Cat We also believe that as part of a balance of off-screen activities, screen time can be valuable for your child. Use the time away from school for your kids to brush up on their knowledge of space. They can join Professor Astro Cat jet packing around the universe, learning all about our solar system and testing what they learned to earn medals. How many medals can your child earn before the summer is over? Download it here.

Here are some Professor Astro Cat activity sheets to download and complete!

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