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4 Ways To Celebrate Spring With The Kids!

Spring is here! And to celebrate, we’ve pulled together a few activities that teach useful facts and skills while being great fun for everyone.

 Spring Easter Eggs

Go on a treasure hunt

Easter may have come and gone, but it’s not too late to jot down some cryptic clues and set the kids free on a mini-adventure. But don’t stop there – as Summer approaches, there are plenty of ways to introduce problem-solving as a family activity. Why not try a pirate themed hunt for chocolate coins? Form teams and up the ante with water guns!  Top tip: the more cryptic the clues, the more time you’ll get with your book in the garden (you can find lots of exciting ideas on Pinterest)! Or, for a rainy day, hide messages or prizes in their favourite books, using the catchiest and funniest quotes and phrases as clues.


Prepare a picnic (although probably not in anti-gravity like Astro Cat here)

There’s not much more idyllic than a family picnic (once you’ve managed to get everyone in the car, that is). Create your dishes as a family beforehand, using cookie cutters to make sandwiches more exciting, or food colouring to make rainbow cupcakes. Making funny fruity jelly is a way to make sure they get some goodness, too! Cooking and decorating themed food is a great way to get the kids practising colours and shapes – they won’t even notice they’re learning if they get to clean the bowl out with their fingers at the end!


Spring Farm Friends animals

Visit a farm

Another way to fit some learning in around Spring activities is to visit a farm or petting zoo. Considering we recently updated our app Artie’s World with a farm map pack, you won’t be surprised to know that we’ve learnt plenty about farm animals here at Minilab. Did you know the chicken ‘slurp’ grass like noodles? Or that cows don’t have four separate stomachs, but four compartments in one stomach? Getting the kids excited about animals is one way to introduce science at an early age. And don’t forget, once you get home our app is there to reinforce learning by drawing the animals too!


Go stargazing

As the evening start to grow longer, there’s one final out-and-about activity we definitely recommend – as keen advocators of STEM subjects, we can’t resist a bit of stargazing! Our resident expert, Professor Astro Cat, recommends heading out in late evening or just after midnight with older children. You’ll need binoculars, some layers and flask of hot drinks to keep warm. Try not to use ‘blue’ lights (for example, smartphone lights) to lead the way. A dimmer, red light is far better at allowing your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Head away from major towns and cities if possible, and allow around 20 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust. Depending on where you are in the world, you should now be able to see an array of constellations, stars and planets, and possibly even the Milky Way or shooting stars. For specific details on what will be visible in your area, check out NASA’s Sky Events Calendar.


When you’re done adventuring, snuggling up with a good book and reading together is the perfect way to finish the day. Turn screens off one hour or more before bedtime, and switch over to good old analogue entertainment! Our sister company, Flying Eye Books, has just released a couple of new titles with stunning illustrations for little adventurers, including ‘The Secret of Black Rock’. Then all that’s left to do is head to bed and get some rest before new adventures begin…

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