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Introducing TotemUp!

Minilab Studios is proud to present our latest venture into making screen time matter for kids: TotemUp! Available on the iOS App Store now!   TotemUp is a simple, fun and easy digital toy for young builders. Kids can build their own totem tower with strange and funny creatures, before knocking it down to play […] Read More

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Artie’s Magic Pencil Review Round-up! #1

  Our helpful hero has been exploring the internet teaching everyone how to draw and the importance of helping a friend in need. Here are just a few reviews from some of Artie’s biggest fans! Tech With Kids ‘Kids who love art will get a kick out of Artie’s Magic Pencil. But the child who […] Read More

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Artie is Expanding 😀✏️

Our new app, Artie’s Magic Pencil is now available to download from Google Play, the Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore. Everyone can now help in the quest to defeat the unruly monster and rebuild Artie’s world by using shapes and helping others. Now there are more than 25 different objects to draw. Children can be […] Read More

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Artie is now on Social Media! ✏️📱

Follow our brand new hero on Instagram and Twitter for all sorts of creative ideas and activities! Artie is a master of drawing and is here to teach children about different shapes and show them that the simplest of these – circles, squares and triangles, come together to create everything they see around them, from […] Read More

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Why Drawing is Important for Your Child’s Development 🖍📱

One of the first things a child can do is pick up a pencil and start drawing. And as new technologies are becoming much more accessible to children and their families, they bring with them new ways to learn important creative skills. We see drawing as one of the most fundamental of these skills – here are […] Read More

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AAP ‘Screen Time’ Guidelines

We’ve talked about how we want to make your kids’ ‘screen time’ matter, but we at Minilab understand that the issue is still a big worry for parents. As these new technologies have entered ours and our children’s lives, advisors are having to adapt their policies to keep up. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) […] Read More

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Minilab on HuffPost Live!

Huge thanks to HuffPost Live for having us over to talk about how we at Minilab are going to make kids’ screen time matter, through fun and educational apps! Watch our HuffPost Live interview to find out more about what’s coming next from the Minilab Studios, more about Professor Astro Cat and how we want to make […] Read More

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