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Autumn Activities to inspire you and the kids 🍂

It’s officially autumn, and that means a lot of our favourite things. Wrapping up warm in comfy clothes, watching the trees change and, as many parents will probably agree, many a hot cup of coffee! Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of the transitional time of year…

artie autumn activities

Get outside!

The cooler weather might make you more keen to stay in, but here are a couple of reasons why it’s still worth braving it… The changing colours are perfect for teaching children about the natural world and all of its incredible cycles and changes. Build leaf piles, collect conkers, and keep an eye out for animals preparing for hibernation. We’re lucky in London to have some fantastic parks filled with squirrels and other small animals preparing for winter (Greenwich Park being my recommendation). A forest walk is the ideal choice, and can be tied in with adventure playgrounds and other outdoorsy activities for all ages. Often local community centres will have craft days and other activities to get involved in too.

Or… stay in?

If it’s all too much out there and the kids can’t wait to pull their boots off, you could try bringing the outdoors in (hopefully not on the boots though…). On the way home from school, collect the biggest and most beautiful leaves you can find, and dry them out (some paper towels and a heavy book should do the trick). They’ll be ready for collages or printing by the next day. Conkers and acorns are perfect for printing and painting too.

Of course, nothing beats making the most of this spooky time of year with some early Halloween celebrations. Carving out a pumpkin is probably the most gruelling, but also the funniest, activity you can do with the kids! Try miniature pumpkins for younger children, and don’t stop at carving them out- use the inside for soups or cookies, and the seeds for snacks.

There’s an almost endless list of possibilities for autumn crafts and more from The Imagination Tree here.

And while you’re getting crafty, why not try out some of our activity sheets to accompany screen time? As the days grow shorter and colder, it’s easy to fall back on screens for entertainment – but that doesn’t have to mean any wasted time. We  believe that as part of a balance with off-screen activities, screen time can be valuable for your child. Artie’s World and Artie’s Magic Pencil are both at the ready to boost fine motor skills, and offer dot to dot activity sheets here and here to keep kids creating. Why not try drawing yourselves using only circles, squares, and triangles?

But most of all, have a happy autumn, everyone.

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