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The Artie’s World Update Is Here ✨

Hurrah! It’s time for all-new adventures with our little artistic hero, Artie. The update to our latest app, Artie’s World, is now live on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to discover the newest map packs…

Artie's World Update


So, what can you expect in Artie 2.0? Firstly, players will notice that the free-to-play Artie’s Village map is revitalised with a Spring theme. There are still some sparkling snow drifts and icicles dotted around the cheery town but the grass is green and the sun is shining. The original 8 drawings can be drawn and redrawn for free as many times as your child would like. And from there it’s time for a more daring adventure to begin…



Artie’s hot air balloon can now transport players not only to the chilly Arctic Adventure, but also to the new map packs. The Jungle Journey can be found behind the not-so-fearsome tiger icon. The 15 new animals here hide in trees, swamps, and caves, and range from reptiles to birds to big cats! Traverse the verdant green landscape, cross the river and find your way right up to the top (where one of our favourites, the slow loris, awaits).



For some more familiar animals, Farm Friends is ideal. Tapping the cow icon will reveal another 8 grown-up animals, with the addition of 7 adorable baby animals. Watch the little piglet wallow in the mud, and the chick sing a sweet song. All of the completed drawings are accompanied by a name label with friendly voice-over, as well as funny animations that bring children’s creations to life.



Finally, the bonus, card-matching memory game can put learners to the test once they’ve drawn their way through a map pack. Any completed drawings reward players with a card, so the more your child has drawn, the more possibilities there will be! Simply flip each pair of cards over with the tap of a finger, to see if they match. How quickly can your child clear the screen?

And of course, with a new set of drawings, you can expect new demo and let’s play videos on our YouTube channel very soon…

We hope you and your little ones enjoy our latest update. And if you love Artie’s World, we’d love to hear about it. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @minilabstudios. You can leave a review on the App StoreGoogle Play or Amazon. Or, let us know at [email protected] Happy drawing!


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