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5 Reasons To Love Artie’s World! (App Reviews)

Here at Minilab Studios we aim to encourage children to explore the world around them through creativity. Artie’s World is another step towards that goal – helping kids to recognise and draw the shapes around them, and bring their drawings to life! Now Artie has been on 4 exciting adventures through his hometown, the Arctic, the jungle and a farm, it’s time to take a look at some of the reviews we’ve received so far…

Artie's World Update


Common Sense Media

‘Tracing the lines of the dot-to-dots is great for fine motor development, but also for learning simple drawing skills. Artie’s World gives kids the experience of drawing without needing the skill. It’s a great introduction, especially for younger kids who can struggle to draw even simple shapes like rectangles and circles. ‘


Educational App Store

‘Artie’s World is a playful app to provide drawing experience for young kids with a dot-to-dot system. Artie sets out in his village and draws a picture for each friend he meets. Kids help out by tracing the shapes with their finger and connecting all of the dots to draw toys, vehicles and animals. Once the lines are drawn, the whole picture is colored in automatically and the app says the name of the object/animal.’



Geeks With Juniors

‘Some of the animals they might learn including harp seal, arctic wolf, orca, beluga whale, and many more. The app supports more than 15 languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese….I highly recommend Artie’s World if you want to teach your kids basic drawing skills. The gameplay is fun and very forgiving, even for young kids who still struggle with drawing simple shapes like circles and rectangles. As an added benefit, the app helps expand the child’s vocabulary by introducing them to various animals and items.’



Smallish Magazine, March 2017 Issue

‘Spark their curiosity and fuel their creativity with an app that teaches them to draw as they explore…By joining the dots, children will learn to draw everything from a robot to a dinosaur and an arctic wolf.’

Artie's World Review in Smallish


App-Enfant (translated from French)

‘A words-free application, completely intuitive from the very first use. A beautifully sweet app, favouring imagination, discovering art, and having fun.’


A huge thank you to all of the journalists and bloggers who have covered our latest app so far – we can’t wait to share even more of Artie’s World with you!

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