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Artie’s World: Dive into the Ocean Odyssey! 🌊

Last week, we shared some awesome facts about the creatures from Artie’s Savannah Safari. This week, we’re leaving the arid plains near the equator for a dive into the world’s oceans! The Ocean Odyssey is the second of the two new maps available in our drawing app, Artie’s World. Here, kids can meet 15 new animals that go from dot-to-dot drawings to animated, interactive friends! Supplement learning with our new fact cards, which you can download below…

Artie's World Ocean Odyssey Fact Cards

We’ve had a fantastic team of old and new members of Minilab creating the funny animations and wonderful artwork you’ll find in the Ocean Odyssey and Savannah Safari map packs, which are out now on iOS (coming to Android very soon). But we know that learning doesn’t stop after you put the tablet or phone down – how can you bring Artie’s World into the real world when screen time is over?

Ocean Odyssey Fact Card Marlin

We created these handy flashcards to complement your child’s knowledge of the new animals. Simply click the link below to download the whole set, print them out, and use them to help your child recognise animals, and learn really cool facts about them. For example, did you know that the blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever existed?

Download the full set of cards (JPG) here:

Artie’s World Ocean Odyssey Facts


And check out one of the Ocean Odyssey drawings in practice below!


The new maps in Artie’s World are available on iOS here.

We’d love to hear your feedback about our latest update – leave us a review on the App Store, or mention us @minilabstudios on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thank you!


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