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Artie’s World is coming to YouTube!

Hello everyone! Exciting news – our first draw-along demo videos for Artie’s World are now live on YouTube. And Artie’s Village is just the beginning…

Artie's Village in Artie's World


Artie’s Village is the free to play stage from our dot-to-dot drawing children’s app, Artie’s World, and provides the perfect introduction to drawing complex objects from simple shapes. Watch your child learn to recognise and draw rectangles to create a robot, and circles for a teddy bear. These YouTube videos are ideal for a quick how-to for each drawing if you want to experience our drawing mechanic first-hand, but they’re also perfect for kids to play along with. Can your child draw faster? More neatly? Set them a challenge and make screen time creative and educational.

Check out some of the videos from our first playlist below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates from Artie and more of our apps very soon…


How to Draw a Trumpet

How to Draw a Dinosaur

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