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Artie’s World Expands with Jungle Journey and Farm Friends!


Little artists and intrepid explorers can discover, draw and enjoy the natural world even more next week. Jungle Journey and Farm Friends will be available to download in our Artie’s World app from March 2nd.

With 30 new drawings added through these map packs, kids can have endless fun drawing and redrawing amazing animals. From the more familiar cows and sheep to monkeys and tigers, there’s plenty to discover! Artie’s World is our second dot-to-dot drawing app for children aged around 3-6. It encourages fine motor skills through a touch-screen drawing system compatible with both smartphones and tablets. Artie’s adventures began in December 2016 when we launched the free-to-play Artie’s Village and the first in-app purchase, Arctic Adventure.

Now, kids will be able to draw and learn even more. Artie’s Village is getting a Spring-themed makeover to get set for warmer weather (fingers crossed…), and the new zones will be jam-packed with cute critters. Children can navigate the maps, clicking on a lightbulb icon above Artie’s head to draw the creature they’ve encountered. Once the dot-to-dot drawing is complete, funny animations and friendly voice-over bring the creature to life! Learn how to say and spell each animal’s name, and watch them in their natural habitat. As a bonus, children can collect cards from the animals they draw, which are added to a card matching mini-game!

Artie's World
Next week, these adorable icons will allow players to access the new map packs! Just swipe the screen to move around the world and discover all of the maps we’ve created so far…

We can’t wait to share our latest update with you! Finally, if you and your child love Artie’s World, we’d love to hear about it. You can leave a review on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon. Or, let us know at [email protected]

Happy drawing!


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