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Artie’s Magic Pencil Review Round-up! #1

Artie Reviews round up


Our helpful hero has been exploring the internet teaching everyone how to draw and the importance of helping a friend in need. Here are just a few reviews from some of Artie’s biggest fans!

Tech With Kids

‘Kids who love art will get a kick out of Artie’s Magic Pencil. But the child who doesn’t like art will benefit most from playing this app. Artie’s Magic Pencil shows the reluctant drawer that art is made out of shapes and that drawing isn’t that difficult. This app might motivate kids to draw outside of the app; and it even provides a downloadable coloring sheet.’

Apps Playground

‘We were big fans at Apps Playground of Minilab’s last app, the astronomy-themed Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System. Artie’s Magic Pencil is cut from the same cloth: well-crafted production values, and a good combination of education and entertainment.’

Digital Arts

‘Artie’s land is rich in basic shapes – showing how the world around us is made up of a simple geometry of triangles, circles and squares. Children can trace shapes with their fingers and see them come to life.’

Common Sense Media

‘Young kids who are new to apps will especially connect with this easy, adorable story-and-drawing combo app. The absence of complex instructions and the clear, on-screen visual prompts are perfect for new app users.’

Geeks With Juniors

‘Every child is an artist but sometimes they also need a boost in the creative department. Artie’s Magic Pencil gives them that boost by showing that anything can be drawn using only simple shapes.Though simple, the approach is effective in getting young kids to see everyday things from a new, exciting perspective.’

Mental Floss

‘The game is designed for youngsters, but is still a pretty fun experience if, like me, you’re an adult who grew up in a world with limited arts funding for public schools and very little natural talent with a pencil.’

Download Artie’s Magic Pencil now from the Apple App Store, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore and discover your inner Picasso!
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