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Artie is now on Social Media! ✏️📱


Follow our brand new hero on Instagram and Twitter for all sorts of creative ideas and activities!

Artie is a master of drawing and is here to teach children about different shapes and show them that the simplest of these – circles, squares and triangles, come together to create everything they see around them, from a car to a dog, a building to a helicopter…


These social media channels are a great way to discover everything about Artie’s world. You’ll meet the cast of characters that your children have helped out in our app and be the first to know about merchandise, app reviews, activity sheets, videos, events and so much more!


Every couple of weeks, we’ll have a new ‘Shapes in Life’ video, a fun way of showing children that shapes are all around us, just like they are in Artie’s World. Why not ask your child what shapes they have seen out and about during their day?


On Artie’s YouTube channel you can find exclusive gameplay videos exploring the magical world of Artie’s Magic Pencil. The videos demonstrate how to use the app and show that by matching up the dots and tracing the shapes, children will see lines and shapes come to life!


Follow Artie on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube now!


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