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Artie is Expanding 😀✏️


Our new app, Artie’s Magic Pencil is now available to download from Google Play, the Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore. Everyone can now help in the quest to defeat the unruly monster and rebuild Artie’s world by using shapes and helping others.

Now there are more than 25 different objects to draw. Children can be the heroes whilst learning how the world around us is filled with geometry of simple shapes such as circles, squares and triangles. You can also find exclusive gameplay videos of all the amazing living things and objects over on Artie’s Youtube channel.

water fountain drawing


Check out the new mini game: the bubble machine. Help one of Artie’s new friends by fixing the windmill which is connected to this super cool machine that produces colourful bubbles. How many bubbles can you pop?

Bubble machine

If you like connecting the dots to make objects on screen in our new app Artie’s Magic Pencil, then try designing your own with a pencil and paper. Here at Minilab we have created some great activity sheets especially for you. Find out more and download them here.


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Download Artie’s Magic Pencil on Google Play, Apple App Store and the Amazon App Store

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