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  • TotemUp

TotemUp is a simple, fun and easy digital toy for young builders!

Build your TotemUp tower with strange and funny creatures, play with the TotemUp blocks to see what happens, and knock it down to play all over again! First, select an egg to hatch and turn into a crazy creature, delight in customising it, and watch as your little animated block grows a pair of crazy arms, or wings, or tentacles, then stack the next creature on top of it and see how they play with each other! Will they get along or not? Will they be tickled, scratched, or maybe even fly away?


Complete your TotemUp stack by combining monsters of different heights, play with it by touching the blocks and shaking your device, and don’t forget to take a picture of your creation! When you’re finished, simply explode the stack and watch the creatures tumble and roll, before starting anew.

TotemUp lets your child explore the numbers from 1 to 10 in a relaxed and enjoyable way, helping kids 2 to 5 begin coming to terms with math concepts like units, numbers and addition.


Key features:

-Combine different faces, outlines, colours, patterns and arms to make unique TotemUp creature blocks

-Build over 200.000 different creatures

-Save pictures of your favourite TotemUp towers

-Familiarise children with pre-school math concepts

-See the local time of day reflected in the colours of the sky

-Ideal for kids 2 to 5

-No goals or objectives, simply an endless digital toy experience!

-No in-app purchase, No third-party advertising, No social media



If your children enjoy TotemUp, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know at [email protected], or head to Twitter and Instagram. Happy building!