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4 Family Games and Media Resolutions!

Phew, we’re almost mid-January already! But it’s never too late to set some resolutions to make the most of the amazing media available to children in 2019. Read on for our top tips as we look ahead…

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1. Play together

No doubt you’ve heard the latest YouTube or Fortnite gossip around the playground. Your child may play games online with friends, or on a personal console or mobile. But do you really know how their favourite media work? However your little ones choose to watch and play, it’s really eye-opening to learn why and how. Ask them about the games they play and streamers they watch, and learn what they’re learnt. Even better – get stuck in and help! Cooperative games involving racing, tag-teams, sports and other competitive styles will encourage you to work together and bond via your child’s comfort zone. Watching their favourite YouTubers and streamers with them will help you get the in-jokes, and them feel supported so they can come to you confidently if they have any questions or issues.

2. Stop screens affecting sleep

Screens give off blue light, which can interfere with a child’s sleep. It can make them sleep more lightly or wake up more, or simply prevent them going to sleep at all! This can of course have adverse effects on their mood and attention in school. Go for devices that have red light options – the longer wavelength of duller red light is less disruptive. Turn all devices off at least an hour before bed, and fill that time with talking or board games, reading, preparing for the next day and going to bed.

3. Integrate media tools into your daily life

There are tons of ways to make family life smoother using tech. Planning tools like Trello and Google Sheets allow you to create shared plans and calendars that everyone in the family can access. You can keep track of chores, shopping lists, and all sorts. Smart devices and AIs like Alexa and Google Home can help you keep on top of the time, weather, latest news, and even exercise regimens together!

4. Bring media skills into the real world!

This is where we specialise – we love to create games for kids that encourage real-world skills. Artie’s Magic Pencil and Artie’s World encourage motor skills and drawing, while the Astro Cat apps set kids up for learning more about space, and for keeping their brains trained up and on the ball! Look out for other tech that encourages useful skills or has a physical element to it, such as Beasts of Balance or Kano computer kits.

Do you have any media resolutions? We’d love to hear from you on our social media @minilabstudios on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! You can also check out demos of our games on YouTube. Happy weekend!

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