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Easy ways to get kids excited about STEM

They’re the subjects of the future: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Our kids are growing up in a rapidly changing world – and an exciting one too. So, you’ve got a little one interested in science – how best to nurture that? We aim to provide the edtech to help, plus some more ideas below…

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Experiment together

Use every opportunity to bring science and maths into playtime. Without some hands-on experimenting, simply reading about and studying a subject can make it feel flat and too ‘grown up’ for kids to have fun with. Whether you’re making silly putty or creating Skittles rainbows, it’s easy to pull together some awesome experiments with household products. Best For The Kids have an awesome infographic filled with more ideas here.

Meet the experts

Keep up to date with what’s on in your area. Local community centres, schools, and museums may have science courses or events over summer that are perfect to do as a family. We aim to bring our apps to events throughout the year, and share some astronomy know-how and enthusiasm for developing games. Check out our blog coverage from the Explorer’s Fair in Nottingham earlier this year to get an idea what could be on offer.

Bring STEM into screentime

It’s undeniable that nowadays learning about tech goes hand in hand with screen time. But don’t fret about mind-numbing hours in front of the TV – we’re talking interactive e-books, apps, and other games. They could learn to code with a Kano computer kit. Or they might master their knowledge of the solar system with our astronomy app, Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System! Gamification of educational content makes even relaxing downtime useful. And all the time they’re learning how both computers and the world around us work.


How do you bring STEM into play time? We’d love to hear your ideas! Email [email protected] or tweet us @minilabstudios.

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