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2018 Highlights at Minilab and BIGUMAKU!

This year has been a special one here at Minilab Studios – we might have seemed a bit quieter than normal at times on the blog, but it’s only because we were working on our biggest projects yet!

We started the year by visiting the BETT Show to discover the future of educational tech, and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair to catch up on the latest in kids’ publishing and media! Not only that, but Artie’s World made the shortlist at the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Awards! So you could say things were off to an exciting start…

But then we blasted off to even more adventures! We attended this year’s Explorer’s Fair in Nottingham, Astro Cat won a CAMEO award for best adaptation of book to game, and we took him to the Big Space Day at the Royal Albert Hall. The ingenious cat professor has been busy this year with new books and lots of events, and we always love sharing his adventures with the little scientists of tomorrow.

BIGUMAKU logo Minilab announcement

And then, around halfway through the year, everything changed once again – we launched our brand new gaming label, BIGUMAKU. This was a huge moment for our team, as we’ve grown from a truly mini 5 team members to 12, and were keen to take on new challenges. Tackling a wider audience with more complex gameplay was something we were very excited to experiment with (you’ll know if you’ve been with us a while that we love to introduce at least one experiment into each new product we create).

Muvimi mobile game launch

Our first product under the new label was Muvimi, a cartoon video-maker that made creating animated shorts easy for anyone, whether they had experience or not. Inspired by dress-up games and dollhouse-style games, we built a stylish tool that offers the chance to dress actors, design sets, and record with your own voice. You can learn more about it here.

Finally, we embarked on our greatest adventure to date: Hilda Creatures! This casual, creature-collecting game ties in with the wonderful Netflix Original Series, Hilda, and the comics published by our neighbours at Flying Eye Books. We were inspired by games like Viva Piñata, Animal Crossing, and Neko Atsume to create a relaxing game where, by placing out food and decorative items, you can attract all manner of fascinating creatures from the Hildaverse. Play, chat, or picnic with your new friends, and take photos of them for your Friendship Book. Since the initial launch we’ve added new areas and created a limited-time festive update too, and we’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received so far.

Thank you to all of our followers, players, and anyone who’s joined us on our biggest year yet at Minilab Studios. Happy Holidays!

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