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10 Ideas for Earth Day!

It seems like 2018 is flying by, but there’s always time to slow things down. The weekend is of course the best time to do this for many of us – but this Sunday we have even more excuse to take a step back and enjoy the world around us. Earth Day 2018 is all about ending plastic pollution. It’s all over the news at the moment – top coffee chains changing their cups or switching to paper straws, new laws to control the production of plastics, the list goes on. Plastic not only builds up on the ground and in the oceans, it also endangers animals, and our health too. But it’s not all doom and gloom – here are 10 ways you can win the plastics fight, and celebrate nature in general with your family…

Artie Earth Day Ideas


  1. This one is obvious – but recycle! Make sure kids are aware of the different types of plastic with a colourful chart, and game-ify recycling with stickers and challenges. Note that while you can recycle ‘hard’ plastics like bottles and some food containers, in most areas you can’t recycle soft plastics and plastic bags. You can find loads of advice for plastic recycling and reusing here.
  2. Have your own “Earth hour” every week: turn off all electronics for that hour and do something creative, or go outdoors for a walk or picnic!
  3. Tell stories and read books about nature: focus on unusual animals, and balance fiction and non-fiction. It’s great to develop both a base scientific knowledge, and an emotional connection to the animals.
  4. Walk to school, even if it’s just a couple of days a week – or car share with friends!
  5. Ask your children to monitor either your electricity usage (if you have a meter) or the temperature of your house over the course of a weekend. Through practical learning, they’ll develop an understanding of how to keep a house warm, happy and healthy without damaging the environment!
  6. Make a leftovers cake or soup. Grab all of the vegetables that haven’t been used in your meals for the week and blend them up for soup or smoothies! And don’t forget that veg, like carrot or marrow, also makes a great cake. Get messy, have fun and reduce food waste.
  7. Grow something! Planting a tree when your child is a toddler, and watching it grow with them throughout their lives, is both rewarding and keeps the air in your garden clean.
  8. Find plastic substitutes: cardboard, wood, metals and ceramics are all great for storage. And where you can’t avoid it, use long-term plastics: keep food in Tupperware and other multiple-use plastics as much as possible, and bring your own cups to coffee shops.
  9. Get crafty! There are some awesome arty ideas, including trash rainbows and eco-friendly outdoor paints, here.
  10. Use technology for learning: download a copy of Artie’s World for free.


Let us know how you’ll be celebrating Earth Day, and which Artie’s World map is your child’s favourite, on our social channels @minilabstudios.

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